Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer

The filing of a personal bankruptcy is not the end of the world.

We have represented debtors for 40 years! There is nothing to be ashamed about. I look at the filing of a bankruptcy as a business decision, not a moral one. When everything else has failed, please do not look upon it as an act of desperation, it is simply the first step on your road to financial recovery and the “fresh start” provided by the Bankruptcy Code. Our experienced bankruptcy attorney in Beverly, Massachusetts, is here to help!

Are you tired of playing ostrich and hiding your head in the sand? Are collection calls and self-righteous collectors driving you crazy?

Are the interest rates on your credit cards making it impossible to pay down their balances? Do you dread seeing what your daily mail brings?

Is your mortgage in arrears and your house under the threat of a foreclosure? Have you become paralyzed by your financial troubles? Are you afraid to take the next step to resolve your problems and file for bankruptcy?

Wait no more! Solutions exist and are available for your financial woes.

How We Can Help You File For Bankruptcy

By retaining the services of a bankruptcy attorney, you can stop those incessant telephone calls. Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your corner will ensure that your questions and concerns are answered. Moreover, it will provide you the peace of mind to make an informed, thoughtful decision on your financial future.

The filing of a bankruptcy will stop all lawsuits. If your house is under the threat of a foreclosure, the “automatic stay” provided by the Bankruptcy Code will stop that foreclosure in its tracks. As it will if your motor vehicle is under threat of repossession.

Once Your Bankruptcy Has Been Filed…

Once your bankruptcy has been filed, our work does not end there. If it is your desire to keep your house, we will work with you and your mortgage holder in an effort to create an affordable plan that will allow you to remain right where you are. Your best interests are paramount to The Law Office of Barry R. Levine.

Are you a candidate for a Chapter 7 liquidation or a Chapter 13 wage earner plan? Are your debts all dischargeable or are certain of your debts nondischargeable (such as taxes due the Internal Revenue Service and the state in which you reside)? Will the amount of your debt place you under the scrutiny of the Office of the United States Trustee?

Prior to the filing of your bankruptcy, we will analyze, characterize and strategize your personal financial situation to hopefully achieve the result that is in your best interests.

How To Get Started On Filing Bankruptcy With Us

Once we have been retained, we will quickly undertake a review of your financial condition and situation with an eye toward developing the most efficacious strategy applicable to your personal situation. We will start dealing with your creditors. We recognize that speed can be critically important in securing your rights, especially when your personal financial interests hang in the balance.

At The Law Office of Barry R. Levine, we pride ourselves in our responsiveness, timeliness and attention to detail. Your case is not shunted off to some first-year associate. It is handled directly by me.

Email us or call 978-419-2870 today for a FREE consultation to determine whether the filing of a bankruptcy is right for you.

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